JA, Lizzy and model with lip crayon color swatches


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New to the world of makeup? Don’t worry! Our experts are here to help. When it comes to doing your lip makeup at home, make sure you are starting with superior products. Our liquid matte lipstick and lip balm collection are made with vegan ingredients to keep your lips hydrated, smooth, and kissable all day long. Once you find your ideal shade of our liquid lipstick, crayon, or tinted lip balm, layer it on to create the perfect look.

Okay ladies, before layering on some color, make sure you have hydrated plump lips as a base. Chapped lips will make your lip products clump or flake off, so be sure to keep your lips healthy with a quality lip balm or chapstick. Whether you are using a lipstick or lip balm, begin by placing the product in the center of your bottom lip and extend to both edges. Before moving to the top lip, rub your lips together to distribute your lipstick to fill in any crevices or cracks. From there, carefully swipe a layer of lipstick over your top lip being careful to stay within your natural lip line.

Don’t know which color matte lipstick or gloss to add to your beauty routine? Choosing the right lip color for your skin tone can seem like a challenge, however, the decision is really up to you and what you feel confident in. As a general rule of thumb, choose a color that compliments your skin tone. People with fair skin usually look good in coral, peach, nude, and dusty rose while medium skin tones look best in rose, berry, and mauve lipsticks. If you have a tan or deeper skin tone, consider going for deep pink, true red, or plum lip products.

Love a kissable pout but don't want to look like you are about to strut down the runway? We get it. If you’re looking to create a natural look, make sure to use a lip color that is just slightly darker than your natural skin. Using a light color balm or lip gloss will give you a more natural finish that can be worn day or night.